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Find the flame that's right for you

The satisfying visual appeal of logs aflame is recreated in great detail in our Country Home, Heartwood, Chalet and Lodgewood models. These are premium, hand-carved replica logs with a life-like appearance. The Black Diamond and Tranquility offer a contemporary format of full, rich flames in a scenic widescreen vista, or in a traditional-shaped firebox.



Enjoy the ultimate realism of precision crafted logs in the traditional look of a real wood fire.

Available for TC42, TC36, TC36 ARCH and TC30

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Chalet II Burner Manuals (PDF): TC30  TC36 & TC36 Arch  TC42  


Curl up and watch the flames dance through a keyhole log in this mature looking fire bed.

Available for TC30, TC36 & TC36 Arch, TC42TC42, TC36, TC36 ARCH and TC30

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Heartwood Burner Manuals (PDF):   TC30  TC36 & TC36 Arch  TC42  


Truly traditional. Country Home logs boast the robust look of hand hewn rounds stacked among pillars of bold Town & Country flames.

Available for all models except See-Thru and Wide Screen models

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Country Home Burner Manuals (PDF): TC30  TC36 & TC36 Arch  TC42  TC54  


Bask in the comfort of a generous spire of flame nestled between split logs and glowing embers.

Available for TC36 See-Thru only

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Chalet Burner Manuals (PDF): TC36 See-Thru


The Lodgewood Burner is sold as a complete 3-pc set: firebox panels, burner and logset, and is not interchangeable with existing Design-A-Fire elements. For optimal flame, Town & Country recommends using Natural Gas with LODGEWOOD; burning with LP fuel will result in a lower flame height.

Available for TC36 See-Thru only

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Lodgewood Burner Manuals (PDF): TC36 See-Thru  


Go sleek with tumbled glass available in four dynamic colors: Desert Diamond, Pacific Diamond, Twilight Diamond and Black Diamond.

Black Diamond

Pacific Diamond

Twilight Diamond

Desert Diamond

Available for all models.

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Black Diamond Burner Manuals (PDF): TC30  TC36 & TC36 Arch  TC36 See-Thru  TC42  TC54  WS54 Wide Screen  WS38 Wide Screen  

Optional Long Beach Logset

Inspired by natural driftwood, the optional Long Beach logset (upgrade to the Black Diamond Burner) offers the appeal of a beach-side fire.

Available for WS54 See-Thru and WS54 See-Thru Indoor-Outdoor only.

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Express your contemporary lifestyle with the contrast of vibrant fire over natural-toned ceramic river rock and soft white sand.

Available for TC30, TC36 & TC36 Arch, TC36 See-Thru, TC42, TC54, WS54, WS54 See Thru, WS54 See Thru Indoor/Outdoor models.

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Tranquility Burner Manuals (PDF): TC30  TC36 & TC36 Arch  TC36 See-Thru  TC42  TC54  WS54 Wide Screen  


Available in two colors, the Metropolitan Stone Set (upgrade to the Tranquility Burner) features high gloss black or grey stones set on a bed of glistening black sand. For WS54, WS54ST, WS54ST I/O, and WS54 Outdoor Only.

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Metropolitan Stone Set manuals:   WS54 Wide Screen


Available for the WS38 only, the Reflections burner features smooth ceramic river rock on a dramatic bed of Twilight Diamond tumbled glass..

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The Reflections Burner manuals:   Download Manual

Please note: Due to elevation and fuel type, flame characteristics may not be exactly as shown.